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CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION is a new generation, people-centric technology blog that aims to bring technology closer to the average Nigerian. It is a point where we want everyone to meet and be bound by a common language – techies and laymen alike. defies the generic rule because we do not rehash news from what is obtainable. We report the stories happening in our backyards and we bring you closer to the African start-up ecosystem, going where the rubber meets the road in local technology and starting real conversations about the ecosystem and how technology impacts the lives of real people and businesses.

Our team is made up of seasoned experts who have worked in various capacities in the Nigerian tech space, and we offer the opportunity for people outside the tech space to learn about the basics and the intricacies of the Nigerian tech industry.

Our creed is that there is an exciting opportunity for technology to penetrate the fabric of society, and that is what we have committed ourselves to fostering.

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