Bankole Oluwafemi Editor-in-Chief, TechCabal

Bankole Oluwafemi

Bankole Oluwafemi is the Editor-in-Chief of TechCabal, Africa’s fastest growing tech blog covering technology, startups, mobile and digital media. He has blogged extensively on these and related spaces since 2011, and his writing and quotes about technology in Africa are regularly featured in prestigious publications such as Quartz and Fortune.

In April 2013, Bankole founded TechCabal. Since then, his role as Editor-in-Chief has led to speaking/facilitation roles at technology events and projects. Bankole has worked as a research associate with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria on the ‘Cyber Stewards’ project. As an associate, he has facilitated ICT advocacy events, been a panelist in event sessions, and jointly authored ICT policy & advocacy documents, including a report on ‘The Economic Cost of Cybercrime to Nigeria’. Most recently, he helped facilitate the draft of an internet freedom declaration for Nigeria.

Bankole is obsessed with media, all expressions of creativity that convey messages and meaning, and their potential to influence demographies and psychographies over time. In the future, Bankole fancies he can make people walking billboards of Nigerian popular culture with T-shirts, the one most ubiquitous piece of clothing in the world. When he is not dreaming up new designs or hunting for typographic inspiration, Bankole is probably learning French or trying to get better at playing his guitar.

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