Akeem Abodunrin Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Akeem Abodunrin

Akeem Abodunrin is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation, USA. He is an Open Source technology evangelist across globe, a vivid code contributor to Linux Kernel, inventor, an entrepreneur, and a mentor to many Nigerian Software Engineers.

He has over 17 years of software professional experience, starting at WEMA Bank as an Intern, to AI & Data Mining research assistance, US NSF funding, and now Intel. As a serial entrepreneur, Akeem founded few companies, notables ones are “Dandy Computer Nigeria Ltd”, a Networking Consultant Company in 2003, with 10 employees before he shortly left to United States, and Fusepoint LLC, as US based company using Software as a Service to provide affordable Air Cargo logistics to SMEs and individuals.

Akeem is currently working with Mobile Designers and Software Engineers in Nigeria, supporting them with stable infrastructure that support productive Cloud Coding, which allows developers to focus on solving major problems instead of fighting software developments infrastructures, which is the major cog in the wheel of technology innovations in Sub-Sharan Africa and other emerging mobile markets all over the world.

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