Ahmed Jaiyeola Solutions and Content Development Manager, Optiweb Communications

Ahmed Jaiyeola

Ahmed Jaiyeola is the Solutions and Content Development Manager at Optiweb Communications Ltd – a leading and award winning IT/ VAS Company headquartered in Nigeria and operating in sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to Optiweb Communications, Ahmed had an outstanding Content development career with TV channels like Galaxy Tv, Superscreen TV, Nigezie Tv and Orisun TV. His managerial prowess with these platforms put him in-charge of most content processes and delivery. During this period, he focused on content distribution with terrestrial and digital platforms.

He brings to Optiweb his sterling qualities summed up in 15 years of professional experience with 9 years at senior executive level. Ahmed serves on the management team of Optiweb Communications Ltd where he supervises a team of Content and Product managers.

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