We’ve all been there – it’s after lunch, you’re 10 minutes into a 30 or 40 minute presentation and the speaker isn’t exactly setting the world alight, the eyelids feel heavy…

We don’t want that to happen to you, so these are the precautions we take to avoid it:

• Roundtable seating – We banished theatre style seating years ago, after all you’re not at the cinema or university. We want you to be interacting with as many people as possible – not just the 2 people sat either side.

• Short, sharp presentations – All of our presentations are a maximum of 20 minutes. We tell our speakers not to give us the fluff, cut the intro, get down to what everyone wants to hear.

• Mix up the formats – Presentations, panel discussions, debates, audience interaction. Keeping people on their toes, keeps them alert.

• Add fuel to discussions and interaction – Following the informative and thought-provoking presentations, you’ll be requested to interact directly with your peers to discuss the proceedings and form discussions points.

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